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Public warehousing FAQs

We first request that the prospective client complete our Quote Request Form.  This information will enable us to accurately analyze the client’s requirements.  Next we will schedule a meeting, either by phone or in person, and then a proposal or rate quote will be delivered for a final discussion or any updates or for approval.   Because each account is unique we have no ‘standard pricing’ but will have a customized proposal quickly.

The  pricing/service  agreements for our clients include the option to opt out with 30 days written notice.
When using a public warehouse, sometimes referred to as a 3rd party or outsourced warehouse consider these advantages:
  • You pay only for the space actually occupied by your inventory and for the servicesy performed by the fulfillment center
  • Your overhead costs can be better aligned with seasonal stock level changes.

More about Dynamic's Warehousing Serivces

Container  de-stuffing  and product sortation is a very basic operation but we are very precise in this process because at this point all items must be carefully checked against packing lists for quantity verification and then for proper markings.   Once completed a written report is sent with all details of counts and condition.
Client confidentiality is a cornerstone of our servicing model.  All members of our team, from management to dock, are vigilant in what we say or show to not only outsiders but also to other customers.
First and foremost we request and then keep on file copies of Routing Guides.  And then we want our clients to keep us advised of any updates.  It is best if every order clearly states the routing preference but we still use the Routing Guides for specifics on packing, pallet stacking, and other specific requirements such as label and packing list placement.
No.  On a daily basis we use UPS, FedEx  Ground,  USPS,  LTL trucking and other courier services to ship to consumers,  businesses,  retail distribution,  both  chain stores and independents,  and to distribution centers of large multi-location corporations.  Typically the client should have their own accounts set up with their preferred carrier for any prepaid freight.


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