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Pick pack and Fulfillment services

Are you fulfilling your customer's needs?

Are your orders being processed quickly enough? Can you maintain accuracy in packing multiple itmes in the correct sequence? Are your counts with a large number of cartons always correct? Does it make sense for your team to focus a lot of resources on mastering fulfillment internally?

Dynamic delivers a full range of order fulfillment services including

Custom Solutions Ecommerce

No Set Up fees

Our value added product fulfillment services deliver

Scheduled releases on time

Ship under your name

Custom packing slips

Customized reporting

Large carton assortment

Pay only for the correct size

Product fulfillment by Dynamic will be a big improvement

Systems perfected across time have allowed us to successfully design and execute many types of customer fulfillment strategies. Our process is complimented by conscientious and alert packers who care about the ultimate receiver getting what they need. Our delivery is complete, correct and on time.

►Fulfillment requirements | Needs assessment

We first take the time to understand all your requirements and the overall nature of the fulfillment needs. We ask these and other questions: Is there a somewhat consistent periodic replenishment of stock? Are there new items for every fulfillment cycle? Is each iteration totally new and unique? What is the nature of the materials to be packed?

►Picking line and order process set up | Design and testing

Working from initial packing lists and or sample orders we set up appropriate base positions and picking lines.   If possible we run a simulation to establish check points and verification. After the first full run we examine the cross checks, look for any flow improvements and do  inventory balance and validation reports.

►Picking and packing  | Product order fulfillment

We will immediately send out the pack-outs or do scheduled releases coordinated to promotion or needed delivery dates. We will coordinate in process inventory and staging with our warehousing operations.

To ensure continuous pick pack accuracy we do starting and final cross checks of counts and/or weights against initial proportioned layouts. Or in some cases simply emptying bins and cleaning the work space at the end. This tells us that the pack out was complete. Spot checks are done to further assure precision completion.

If appropriate we will update your shipping or inventory portal. In all cases you will always receive complete shipment confirmations.

We provide precision fulfillment

Woman in warehouse fulfilling an order

Precision order fulfillment, compliance packing and labeling, kitting and assembly. B2B or B2C daily via LTL, Fedex, UPS. USPS

As we have assisted others

“I was particularly pleased with the flexibility and responsiveness your operation demonstrated meeting my specific requirements.”

Dennis B., Opns Mgr, SCJ

“We have found their "on hand" inventory records to always be complete and accurate.“

Bill H, Operations Manager, TR

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Eco Conscious

We reuse, recycle or re-purpose all we can. Any remaining waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way

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