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Warehouse and DIstribution Services

Do your distribution capabilities provide you a competitive advantage?

Do you need to deliver to your customers more quickly or more accurately? Are you reaching the capacity of your ability to fill orders with your current staff or facility? Or perhaps you are setting up new distribution channels in the Midwest US or Chicago area?

Dynamic delivers a full range of distribution services including

Distribution center management

All receiving and shipping needs

Inventory management

By pallet, serial number or your SKU

Order Control

Using your platform

Our value added warehouse distribution services include

Distribution, LTL and Package
Process, fulfill as ship as you need

B2B orB2C

Break-bulk, truckload or container
De-stuff containers directly to orders

Pick and Pack
Unique events or recurring fulfillment

Packing & Labeling
Seller Compliance

Kitting and Assembly
Prepackaged product bundles

Dynamic delivers high quality distribution services

Accurate and prompt completion of orders is the goal of quality distribution. At Dynamic this is a multi-step process. It begins with careful and detailed receiving and put-away in a highly organized environment. This is followed by optimal order sequencing, documentation and quality assurance process. Inventory control measures for alert of stock outs and maximize order fill rates.

►Order receipt

When orders are received they are reviewed against receiver requirements. Any details not usually incorporated in the order are noted, such as special requirements that are generic to an account's requirements but not a part of the individual written order. 

►Order process

Orders are sent to the warehouse and assigned based on transportation schedules, LTL orders for early truck pick up and then package orders for later in the day service.  Upon completion the picking tickets are compared to the original order for accuracy. Lastly when the orders are entered as the final step in processing another check is made comparing all documentation.

►Inventory Control

Inventory control is key to order completion. Dynamic keeps a short list of items with low stock levels by account so that when orders are initially entered any shortage issues can be addressed with the account quickly to avoid delays. Cycle counts are often taken using trigger quantities to help customers achieve maximum completeness of orders.

Dynamic simplifies your distribution

Man on forklift loading container at distribution centerWe provide timely and cost-efficient distribution solutions for supply and demand channels of all types and sizes

Dynamic will assist you to

As we have assisted others

“We have found their "on hand" inventory records to always be complete and accurate.“

Bill H, Operations Manager, TR

“Your inbound and outbound service and storage of pallets has made our storage and space problems easier to manage.”

Tony B., Distr. Supr., Baxter

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Eco Conscious

We reuse, recycle or re-purpose all we can. Any remaining waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way

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