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Warehousing Services

Is your warehouse efficient and inventory under control?

Is your order fill rate where it needs to be? Are you getting the stock turns you should? Or are you suffering from inefficiencies because of a lack of space? Is your inventory management supporting sales efforts in a cost effective manner?

Dynamic delivers a full range of commercial warehousing services including

Inventory Management Public Warehousing

Central US, Chicago area location

Our value added warehousing services deliver

Inventory flexibility

Buy at better price points

Overflow materials

But with ready access

Build stock for bulk release

Can ship from Dynamic

Raw materials staging

Return as needed


Advance preparation

Kitting and Assembly

Free up valuable space

Dynamic provides secure, reliable warehousing services options

Accurate and prompt completion of orders is the goal of quality distribution. At Dynamic this is a multi-step process. It begins with careful and detailed receiving and put-away in a highly organized environment. This is followed by optimal order sequencing, documentation and quality assurance process. Cycle counts to alert of stock outs and maximize order fill rates.

►Planning and set up | Commercial warehousing needs

Our management of your warehousing needs starts before your goods arrive at our facility. If you are not familiar with 3rd party warehousing we will spend time to help you understand the process. 

Getting packing slips to us ahead of the inbound shipments arrival is very useful. The box, pallet or unit dimensions help us optimize space considerations and handling efficiency ahead of time  In the case of full truckloads or container shipments we will also coordinate the delivery with staffing and any special docking considerations.

►Receiving | Inbound shipments

Upon arrival shipments are inspected to verify quantity, description and overall condition of goods, including any form of damage. Serial code, product codes or batch tracking numbers are noted. Items are all segregated based on packing slips. Any planned short term releases are set aside and the rest are put into stock.

►Shipping and tracking | Inventory management

Based on actual items received we establish listings and set initial stock levels in our proprietary warehouse management system. Outbound shipments are likewise (tightly controlled) as each order is checked at the point of picking, against the shipping documents and on the final posting into the system to update the inventory levels. All information has both electronic and paper backup. You are also able to schedule on-site visit to review your inventory.

Dynamic manages your inventory

Staff reconciling inventory in warehousing facility

We provide public and contract warehousing, short and long term storage in secure facilities. Inventory management solutions

Dynamic will assist you to

As we have assisted others

“Your inbound and outbound service and storage of pallets has made our storage and space problems easier to manage.”

Tony B., Distr. Supr., Baxter

“We warehouse products across the country  and I have found Dynamic to be the kind of facility  I can count on to handle our products and customers the way that we would.”.

Steve S., Traffic, PPG

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Eco Conscious

We reuse, recycle or re-purpose all we can. Any remaining waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way

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